He Provides!!

Luke 21:2 

Wow!  Praise the Lord for the way He provides!  I have an amazing testimony as to how He has provided for me… 

As some of you know, I have my own little “home business” and back before Christmas, I’d been praying and hoping to get an order or two, but Christmas came and went with no orders.  I was somewhat disappointed.  Well… 

There’s a family we know that has some financial needs and about a month and a half ago, I felt the Lord telling me to anonymously send them a certain amount of money (which was kind of an odd amount, and almost all I had!), and at first I was like “okay, Lord, next time I go to the bank, I’ll get the money and send it to them!”   Well…about 2 weeks went by and I hadn’t been able to get into town and I got to thinking “I don’t necessarily have to send that amount, I could send a little bit less and make it an even amount” and almost immediately the story in Luke 21:2 of the widow who put in all that she had, came to mind.  I felt the Lord was telling me “Sara, give what I told you to give…even if it is an odd amount.”  

To make a long story short…I ended up sending the amount the Lord told me to give, and about 1 week later, the phone rang and what do you think it was?!  A friend of ours was calling me to place an order!!!   

All I can say is WOW!!!!  


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