“Not Just Watering Camels” by Erin (Walter) Brumbaugh



I am sure that you all know the story of Isaac and Rebekah.  Well, I have been greatly desiring marriage for the past 5-6 years and was getting very impatient and had begun to make jokes about watering camels, saying that I wished that they would hurry up and get here because I had my pitchers full and was just waiting to water them.  On May 4th I made one such comment and my dad told me that Rebekah was not just standing around waiting to water camels but that she had a servant’s heart and was busy serving.  I had never thought of it in that way before and it was very challenging, as I had been displaying a selfish and impatient heart.  Little did I realize then what the Lord had in store for me in only four more days.

 On the morning of May 8th (2008) Dad called all of the family together (I am the second of ten) and said that something had come up that would effect the whole family if it came about.  I was really wondering who needed our help or what kind of opportunity to serve had come to us.  Dad’s next words left me shocked, thrilled and in tears of joy!  He informed me that a young man had been in contact with him and that dad had given him his blessing for him to begin a relationship with me. 

Let me go back for a moment to January of 2007.  I had noticed this young man and really desired to get to know him.  Although I had not said anything to anyone about him, my dad called me aside one evening and proceeded to tell me where my thoughts and eyes had been going and lovingly encouraged me to put my focus on the Lord and His will for my life.  For awhile things were much better but this March (2008) and escpecially April were the hardest times I had ever experienced. I spent much time in prayer and in tears trying to give my desires for this young man, Jesse, to the Lord.  I was so frustrated with myself because he was almost constantly on my mind and I knew that I was not ‘Keeping my heart with all diligence.’ Proverbs 4:23 

I did not realize what the Lord was doing in his life at the time. 

On April 2nd, Jesse’s father went to him and mentioned my name and told him that he and his mother felt that he should pray about the possibility of me being his wife.  After much prayer and seeking the Lord’s direction and talking with my father he felt led and in faith began the courtship with me.

 As we look back some of the days that were the hardest struggles for me were the days that Jesse was struggling the hardest with knowing the Lord’s will concerning me.  The Lord was already preparing my heart for the future but I didn’t know it then.

 Please don’t take this wrong though, dear girls, it is very needful that we guard our hearts and minds and focus on the Lord and His will for our lives.

 As I had spent much time in prayer already about Jesse, the morning dad told me about the opportunity for a courtship with him, I knew that it was of the Lord.  On the second morning of our courtship I asked the Lord to give me a verse just to confirm in my heart that this was His will for my life, almost instantly Psalm 118:23 came to my mind “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.”  It has indeed been marvelous the way the Lord has directed us each step of the way and has allowed things to fall into place so perfectly.

 We were engaged June 1st and are getting married August 16th.

 I hope that this is an encouragement to you, girls, to trust the Lord and to wait on Him to bring His best for your life in His timing.  I know, the waiting can seen SO long but it is worth every bit of it when the Lord’s will is accomplished! 

‘As for God, HIS WAY IS PERFECT.’  2 Samuel 22:31a 

 I also wanted to add that Jesse and Erin didn’t even touch until their wedding day!  That, for me, was so neat to watch!


I’d also like to add that on April 4th 2010, Jesse and Erin were blessed to have a baby boy, Isaac!!


Thank you, Erin, for sharing your story with us; it sure has been a blessing to me!!

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