Planting Seeds – Matthew 13:1-23


I always enjoy the spring time…getting out and planting seeds in the garden and then watering them and waiting for the plants to make their appearance.  Then throughout the summer I tend the plants and keep the weeds away, and in the fall I enjoy the harvest.  Well…I kind of see life in the same way.  We have the opportunity to be planting seeds in people’s lives. 


Awhile back, I felt God calling me to plant a seed…and so I did.  But I felt like I needed to do more.  Then I realized that God just wanted me to plant the seed and He’ll bring others along to tend to it. We may not always get to see the outcome, but at the very least we

can play a part that may make all the difference in someone’s life.


There’s a song that I’ve heard on the radio a few times and there’s a line in it that goes…”Did I make a difference, in somebody’s life?”


So, whether God calls you to plant, water or weed, remember…each one is important in it’s own way…after all, if the seed gets planted but doesn’t get watered the plant will never come up…or if it does get watered but it isn’t well cared for, the weeds will start taking over and the plant will be choked out and die.


Make a difference.