A Life Changing Weekend!

Wow!  This past weekend was AMAZING for me!!!   I went to a WIT (Whatever it Takes) Singles Conference by Paul & Jenny Speed (for more info visit:  http://www.witministries.com/index.html).

It was totally life changing for me!  I met alot of wonderful, amazing new friends, but the very best thing of all, God showed me the Lies that I had believed and He set me free from them all!!!

I can’t even begin to describe what all happened this past weekend. 

Saturday night I experienced one of the most amazing things:

We had just finished watching a slideshow down in the cafeteria area and Mr. Speed told all of us to quietly follow him up to the auditorium area.  As we were walking down the hallways and up the stairs, all the lights were out and they had luminaries on both sides of the stairs and hallways.  When we got to the auditorium, the luminaries were going all around the edge of the room, and in the middle of the room there was a cross with a single, small light shining up on it and luminaries all around it.   They told us to stand all around the edge of the room.

The song “How Beautiful” by Twila Paris was playing, and as everyone was filing in, people began to hit there knees and started crying out to God.  We sang probably 30-40 songs & people prayed and confessed   I can’t even find the words for how I felt that night.

We had gotten to the auditorium around 9:45-10:00 pm and I felt like I had only been in there about 30 minutes and when I got back to my room, the clock read 12:30 am!!   2 ½ hours spent just praising God!!  How truly amazing!

So I encourage you, if you are Single and want a life changing experience, go to a WIT conference…you will never be the same!!!

Some of my new friends & I!! I'm the 2nd one in on the left 🙂



2 thoughts on “A Life Changing Weekend!

  1. Every time I hear “How Beautiful,” I can’t help but think of that AMAZING Saturday night at WIT!… and when I hear those words, I close my eyes and I think of what Jesus went through for me! Thank you Jesus for obeying your Father and coming down to earth, taking on flesh, and dying an excruciating deathon the cross, thank you for loving me, when I was yet a sinner, an enemy of You! Thank you for saving me and setting me free!!!

    The chills go through me almost every time I listen to this powerful message by Twyla Paris.

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