Are you a ‘Faulty Plug Strip’??

I heard this joke awhile back about this woman who bought a plug strip, but shortly afterwards returned it to the store.  When they asked her what was wrong with it she responded “I went to use it, plugged it into itself, but it didn’t work…I don’t know what’s wrong with it.”

What’s wrong with it??  There was no power running through it!

We can be alot like that ‘Faulty Plug Strip’ sometimes…if we are plugged into ourself instead of God, we’ll be useless, but if we have God’s power running through us, we can do amazing things!!

John 20:21

Don’t you just love it when you are in need of direction or need wisdom in a certain area of your life and God shows you something in His Word that speaks right to that situation?!  I sure do!

A couple of days ago He gave me a verse while reading through “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers.

I’m really feeling that God is leading me in a certain direction, and I’m all for it, but there was one thing that I was kind of concerned about, so I started reading and the topic for the day (October 26th) was “What is a Missionary?” and the verse at the top of the page was John 20:21 –

“Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.”

And I felt God was telling me “Sara, you don’t need to worry…I’ll take care of everything.  After all, I am in charge!!”

 I was suddenly at peace and so excited!!   I love it when God does that 🙂

Fireproof – A Kendrick Brothers Film :)

Fireproof has to be one of my favorite movies!!  It’s about a firefighter named Caleb Holt and his wife Catherine, who are having severe marital problems and the way that God works through Caleb’s father and also a fellow firefighter, Michael, to help Caleb try and save his failing marriage.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie for young children, due to some of the issues they touch on and accident scenes.

I don’t want to spoil this movie for you if you haven’t seen it yet, but below are a couple of my favorite quotes from the film.

Caleb: “Look, marriages aren’t Fireproof, sometimes you get burned”

Michael: “Fireproof doesn’t mean that the fire will never come, but that when it does come, you’ll be able to withstand it.”


Michael (talking to Caleb): “Don’t just follow your heart, man, ‘cause your heart can be deceived.  But you gotta lead your heart.”


I watched this again just the other day, and several things that stood out to me that caused a lot of the problems in their marriage were –

–          No Communication

–          Selfishness

–          Sin (which leads to guilt and anger)

–          Not taking responsibility – blaming the other all the time.

–          Disrespect

I hope this review is helpful to you and I would love to hear what your personal opinion on this movie is 🙂