A peek into my week – Sunday, day 1

I got this idea from another blog that I was on and thought it was kind of neat, but I’m not real great about writing what I do, so I’m going to show you in pictures with captions, what it’s like to be me for a week 🙂

I awoke this morning at 8:00am and got up and around for church.  About 8:30, my dog, Buddy, wanted to go outside, so I grabbed the camera and went out with him.  

My little kitty friend from next door, Mr. Knightley, was here for for a visit…

At 9:00am we left for church.  We attend a home fellowship in Ohio, in a rented building at the fairgrounds.

When we arrived, I went inside and got the sound system all set up, and had a little bit of time to visit before the service started at 10:00am.   Our Elder, Mr. Walter, had the message this morning.  He spoke on Suffering/Storms.  It was very good…I wish I had a sound recording of it 🙂

Services ended about 12:00 and our family stayed for about another hour visiting with others 🙂 

I had a quick chat with Grandma Honey before she left, and even convinced her to let me take her picture…

When we got home, I made a sandwich for lunch, and after lunch, mom and I finished our game of Yahtzee from yesterday… and drank Peppermint Mocha Coffee!!

We play 2 rows at a time 🙂

Final score for this game was Mom – 407  Me – 533


We played another game and I ended up winning that one as well 🙂

I even mangaed to get a Yahtzee!!!

  Unfortunately, we played again tonight and she beat me.

I was able to get a nice 2 hour nap this afternoon as well!  All in all it has been a very nice, relaxing day 🙂 

I hope you’ve enjoyed day 1 of my week!   Thanks for reading!!  🙂


4 thoughts on “A peek into my week – Sunday, day 1

  1. Enjoyed this Sara!..Its so wonderful to see a young lady ur age happy & content to wait on God..You don’t see that much today..Ur a blessing! 🙂

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