A peek into my week – Friday, day 6

Wow…this may be my shortest one yet!!  Unfortunately, there will be no pictures 😦   Dad had to take the camera with him on a job. 

I’m pretty much over my cold and am feeling MUCH better!  I have more energy now, and am planning on doing housework yet this evening, since all I have done so far today is laundry, cleaned the sewing room, cleaned my room and made dinner 🙂 

I prefer to clean house at night when everyone is asleep – or at least upstairs – and the dogs are out in the garage.  I don’t have to try to keep anyone from traipsing on my freshly mopped floor – that is quite a common occurrence around here!!

I also took some time this evening and put my hair in a lot (and I do mean a lot!!) of curlers…we’ll have to see what the results are, come morning 🙂

I lost at the daily game of Scrabble between mom and I 😦  Oh well…maybe tomorrow 🙂

Well…the others are upstairs waiting for me so we can do devotions before bed. 

Sorry this was so short…hopefully tomorrow’s will be longer 🙂


P.S.  If anyone is interested in our kitty friend, Mr. Knightley, we are trying to find a good home for him 🙂  He’s a real sweetheart ♥


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