“As for God, his way is perfect…”  –  Psalm 18:30 

Perfect: complete; without defect or blemish; blameless; pure.

 Think about that…God’s way is perfect, complete, without defect, blameless, pure!

 So let me ask you…if God’s way is perfect, why would you NOT want to follow Him?!

 When you finish reading this, don’t just say “Oh, that’s nice.” Let it sink in…think about it as you go about your day.  Are you going to follow God’s way, or your own?


♥ Sara ♥


December 5th :)

Here are some pictures that I took around our place while it was snowing…..

Looking down our driveway

View from the road

Sign out front

Looking down the road – East

Looking down the road – West

Neighbors Tree

That same tree back in the fall

The Barn and all the pallets!

Snow on one of our Pine Trees

Me with the Wreath that Dad’s work place gave to him.

Something tells me she doesn’t like wearing my hat!

I don’t think Mr. Knightley likes it either 🙂

Mr. Knightley…I thought his face was pretty humorous!

Mr. Knightley & I 🙂  He is such a little snuggle bug 🙂


Thanks for reading!!
Sara 🙂


Thanksgiving #2

On Thanksgiving day we had a get-together at my Grandma’s house……

My cup

Grandma playing cards

Mom, Zack, me & Grandma playing Rummy – I don’t remember who won.


Dad & Uncle Mike with the Cheese Pie!

Dad sleeping

Uncle Mike fell asleep too…must have been a boring ball game on TV!!

Ryan on Grandma’s computer

Paisley…isn’t she a cutie?!   🙂

Zack eating his cake…like he did on his 1st Birthday!  Hmm…I think I’d rather he eat it with his fork!!


And last, but not least… favorite dessert!!

Vanilla Ice Cream, green olives and Hershey’s syrup…YUM!

It was an awesome day!!


Basketball Game

November 24th, dad took mom, Ryan and I out on a surprise trip (well he told me about it ahead of time, so it wasn’t a surprise to me!) to dinner and to a basketball game at the college.  It was alot of fun…I think it was only the 2nd basketball game I’ve ever gone to 🙂    U of M Dearborn vs. Hillsdale!  Go Hillsdale!!

U of M warming up

Watching one of the guys do stretches and thinking “Wow…that looks painful!”

Hillsdale warming up

Let’s play ball!

Hillsdale shooting a basket

U of M shooting a basket

Half-time scores!

Final Score: 115 – 60…YAY Hillsdale!!