“As for God, his way is perfect…”  –  Psalm 18:30 

Perfect: complete; without defect or blemish; blameless; pure.

 Think about that…God’s way is perfect, complete, without defect, blameless, pure!

 So let me ask you…if God’s way is perfect, why would you NOT want to follow Him?!

 When you finish reading this, don’t just say “Oh, that’s nice.” Let it sink in…think about it as you go about your day.  Are you going to follow God’s way, or your own?


♥ Sara ♥



One thought on “Perfection!

  1. I am afraid it’s going to be a little of both. I will continue to keep seeking what God wants and will right my course when I get off track, knowing that God wants me and paid the highest price for me. I am thankful for the wonderful reminders He leaves with wonderful peeps like you.
    Merry Christmas


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