Things That Make Me Smile :)

1)  Visiting with a very special friend with Downs Syndrome

2)  A baby’s smile & laugh

3)  An elderly married couple holding hands

4)  A phone call from a friend just to say “HI”

5)  Seeing a married friend who thought she might not be able to have children, playing with her son, and rejoicing that they are going to have another one!!

6)  Little kid’s running up to me at church to say “HI” and give me a hug and wanting to hold my hand

7)  A smile from a friend  🙂

Free Diamonds!!

Diamonds…I’m surrounded by thousands upon thousands of little diamonds!

The best part about these diamonds?  They are all FREE 🙂

That’s right…they were all given to me.  In fact, depending on where you are, you may have them given to you too.  Don’t believe me?  Look out your window the morning after a snowfall.  God has sent thousands of diamonds to you too. 

As the wind blows the trees, you can see them glistening, almost like little flashing lights on a Christmas tree…although in my opinion, it’s even more beautiful.  They sparkle and shine so beautifully 🙂

You’ll never hear a snowflake complain about where it’s been put…”Why can’t I be on the ground where I’ll be more enjoyed and played in?  It looks so much better.”    Or    “Why did I have to be put on the ground?  I’d rather be up in the tree.”  Instead, they shine right where they’re put. 

We could learn a lesson from these snowflakes.  We need to shine God’s light wherever He puts us 🙂

Another thing I noticed while taking the following pictures, was the snow on the side of the house where the sun wasn’t shining, was pretty, but not as much as the snow that had the light…just like if we don’t have The Light (God), we don’t shine.