Rebekah (Genesis 24)

I’m sure all of you have heard the story of Rebekah, but have you really read it?  I mean, have you imagined yourself in Rebekah’s place? 

I sure have…and to be honest, I don’t know if I would have reacted the same way she did. 

You see, we can read Rebekah’s story and we know what is going to happen…we know that Abrahams servant is at the well and why he is there…Rebekah didn’t! 

Let’s go a little more in depth with her story and as you’re reading, put yourself in Rebekah’s shoes…or should I say sandals 🙂

Rebekah was a beautiful, single, young lady, going to bring in water…a task she did every day, and, if she was anything like I tend to be sometimes, may have grumbled a little bit herself as she walked to the well.

When she got to the well, there was a man whom she had never seen before, along with 10 camels.  She filled up her pitcher, and then the man asked her for a drink, and she not only got him a drink, but also offered to water his camels. 

Now let’s stop there for a second and look at something…we all know that camels can drink A LOT of water…in the encyclopedia it says they can drink up to 53 gallons at a time!  Multiply that by 10 and you’re talking 530 gallons of water to have to haul!  I don’t know how big Rebekah’s pitcher was, but even if it held 5 gallons, that would still be 106 trips with the pitcher!  Not an easy task, that’s for sure!!    I found the following picture of a ‘Rebecca Pitcher’ (what they believe to be the type of pitcher she would have used), on the internet.

So when Rebekah was finished watering the camels, the servant explained why he was there.  Later that evening, after talking with her family, he asked her if she would go back with him and marry Isaac, and she said yes…yes to leaving behind her family… yes to leaving behind her friends and the home she knew so well… yes to going and marrying a man she had never met… yes to doing what God wanted her to do, going where he wanted her. 

That’s the kind of devotion and love we need to have for the Lord…to follow him wherever he leads us…even if it means giving up all the earthly things we are used to, to do something completely out of our comfort zones.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I HATE being out of my comfort zone, but in the past couple of years God has asked me to step out of my comfort zone on various occasions, and it was in those times that I grew the most Spiritually. 

I’m looking forward to what you all have to say about this post…and please feel free to leave thoughts about what you think Rebekah might have gone through 🙂

Thank you for taking time to read!

      Sara Anne