Hidden Treasures :)

“Over here! Over here!”  The brilliant, shiny, treasure box seemed to be calling out from it’s hiding place, as treasure hunter after treasure hunter went by.  “I’m over here, come find me!”  Many did stop to investigate the treasure box, thinking “This box is SO beautiful and wonderful it must be the one I’ve been looking for.”  But, upon opening the box, they were surprised at what they discovered; trinkets.  Plastic coins, scraps of useless paper and other things of no value.  One by one they would shut the box, putting it back in its hiding place and, disappointedly, would continue searching. 

Not too far away, hidden under some brush, not calling attention to itself was another box just as beautiful, only it didn’t show it at first; seeing as it didn’t want to call out to passing treasure hunters.  It remained quiet and hidden; waiting.  Waiting for the right treasure hunter to come along and discover it.  One day, a treasure hunter did notice it and began to investigate it more.  After pulling it out from its hiding place, he opened it up and discovered such glorious treasure inside.  Diamonds, rubies, gold, silver and other things of great worth.  He knew he had found the treasure he had been looking for and at that moment, the box began to gleam and shine, even more brightly than the other one, because its true treasure had been discovered.


See, girls, we are a lot like these treasure boxes.  We are a hidden treasure waiting for God to send the right ‘treasure hunter’ along.  If our focus is on our outward appearance, attracting guys to us and always giving away ‘clues’, and not on fully following after Christ and desiring His best for our lives, then we will not be a true treasure – we will be like the treasure box full of trinkets.

But, on the other hand, if we fully focus on God, seeking His best, memorizing Scripture, serving others around us (Note: Serve from the heart, not to get attention from others!), and delighting in Him, then he will send the right treasure hunter to us, if it’s His will that we even get married. 

I’m not saying that being beautiful on the outside is a bad thing and that you have to dress frumpily, but make your main focus serving God and you will be beautiful inside & out!!


Written by: Sara Littley        Inspired by: Liesl Nunez


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