“So, What are You Doing Now?”

“You’re a failure”, “You’ll never amount to anything”, “You’re not important”, “You’re insignificant”.  These were the lies Satan was hurling at me as I, once again, was fumbling for the words to answer the question I have come to dread lately… “So, what are you doing now?” 

 This time I answered with “Well, I’m still at home and I do most of the housework…basically I’m a stay-at-home-wife-and-mother-in-training.”  Okay, so maybe my wording wasn’t the greatest, but I had all those lies running through my mind, I couldn’t think very well!

 Later, I jokingly said to mom “I need to come up with some fancy wording to tell people when they ask what I’m doing now…like ‘I’m a domestic care taker in training”  but really, the main reason I wanted to use ‘fancy’ words, was to make me feel important and to have people think more highly of me.  You talk about Prideful!!   How selfish is that?! 

 If I hadn’t just been to the WIT conference, and had what I learned still fresh in my mind, those lies would have eaten at me for days afterwards and I would have been second-guessing myself.  But instead, I realized they were lies and chose to not to believe them!

 I believe this is what God has called me to do – being a wife and mother someday.  It’s just so hard in today’s society, to try and explain that, “No, I’ve never been to college, I don’t have a job (although I do help dad with the business) and I still live at home.”  I have received comments from “That’s great!  You don’t see that much anymore.”  to  “There’s more to life than getting married you know.” 

 There will still be times when ‘the question’ (as I like to call it!) is asked and I may still fumble for words, but if I am following God and doing what He wants me to do, no matter what people think or say, I’ll know that I am doing everything to the glory of God (1st Corinthians 10:31)…not to me or anyone else!

Pain Draws Us Close to God

The following are excerpts I took from the book    “The Case for Faith (Student Edition)” by Lee Strobel….really makes you think.


Maybe you know of Joni Eareckson Tada.  Thirty years ago she was an active teenager with everything going for her – until she was paralyzed in a diving accident.  Listen to her words about the pain that has drawn her to God:  “I’d rather be in this wheelchair knowing God than on my feet without him.”   For Joni, if it took paralysis to bring her to God, she believes it was worth it.



Galvin Reid, a British church leader, tells about a young man who had fallen down some stairs when he was one year old and had shattered his back.  The boy had been in and out of hospitals his whole life – and yet he made the astounding comment that he thinks God is fair. 

Reid asked him, “How old are you?”   “Seventeen,” the boy said.

“How many years have you spent in hospitals?”  Reid pursued.   The boy said, “Thirteen years.”

Reid said, “And you think that’s fair?”   “Well,”  the boy replied, “God has all eternity to make it up to me.”

A Letter to a Single Christian

A Letter to a Single Christian – Author Unknown 

Everyone longs to give himself completely to someone…to have a deep soul relationship with another; to be loved thoroughly, and exclusively.

But GOD, to a Christian, says: “No, not until you are satisfied, fulfilled and content

with being loved by ME alone…with having an intensely personal relationship with ME alone; Discovering that only in ME is your satisfaction to be found will you be capable of the perfect human relationship that I have planned for you.

You will never be united with another until you are united with ME…exclusive of anyone or anything else; exclusive of any other desires or longings.

I want you to stop planning; stop wishing; and allow ME to give you the most thrilling plan existing…one that you cannot imagine; I want you to have the best.

Please allow ME to bring it to you. You just keep watching ME, expecting the greatest things… Keep experiencing the satisfaction that I am. Keep listening and learning the things I tell you. You just wait; that’s all.

Don’t be anxious; don’t worry.  Don’t look around at the things others have gotten, or that I’ve given them. Don’t look at the things you think you want. You just keep looking off and away up to ME, or you’ll miss what I want to show you.

And then, when you’re ready, I’ll surprise you with a love more wonderful than any you would dream of. You see, until you are ready, and, until the one I have for you is ready (I’m working, even at this moment, to have both of you ready at the same time); until you are both satisfied, exclusively with ME and the life I have prepared for you; you won’t be able to experience the love that exemplifies your relationship with ME… and this is the perfect love.

And, dear one, I want you to have this most wonderful love; I want you to see in the flesh a picture of your relationship with ME: and to enjoy, materially and concretely, the everlasting union of beauty, perfection, and love that I offer you with MYSELF.

 Know that I love you utterly.  I am GOD.  Believe it, and be satisfied.

                                                            Love always….


What God has Shown Me!

I could tell you exactly where I was standing, exactly what was said, who said it and how it made me feel.  The only thing I can’t remember is the date or the time.  What am I talking about you ask?  I’m talking about a lie…when I believed my first one.  This blog entry is going to be about my journey over the past 10-11 years of my life and how I lived, believing this lie and how it greatly affected my life and my walk with God.

I was somewhere between the ages of 10 & 12 when Satan really began hurling the lie at me that I was ugly.  And I believed it – I didn’t realize at the time though that it was a lie.  People would say things to me and tease me about different things like my height, my clothes, my complexion, etc.  I don’t think they were trying to intentionally be mean or hurt me, but Satan was weaving that lie in my life like a spider weaves a web; and I began wishing I were different…someone taller, prettier, skinnier, wishing I had different clothes, etc.   Pretty much anything I could have changed, I wanted to.

Around the time I was 14 years old, I started to try and hide myself.  I tried hiding under baggy clothes, behind glasses (I had them for reading, but wore them almost all the time), etc.  Whatever I could do to keep people from seeing who I really was; after all, I didn’t think anybody liked that Sara.

A year or 2 later, when I was about 16, I came out of my ‘hiding’ but started looking for validation in my friends, hoping I would meet up to their standards.  I still felt like I had to be and look different than who I really was though.  That was a very large mistake.  I know now that there is only one that I should have been looking to for validation and that’s God!  But that seeking for validation led to other struggles in my life – which I won’t share right now, but I can tell you it’s not been an easy road.

However, I didn’t learn all this until last year, soon after I turned 20, when I attended a WIT Singles conference.  I then came home, confessed just what I thought I needed to, to who I thought I needed to and all was okay…for awhile, then I went right back to seeking that validation and those old struggles came right along with it.

This year, however, I attended the WIT conference again and my life has changed dramatically!  Am I saying the struggles are gone?  Not quite!  But I am focusing on getting my validation from God and not from others!

A couple of days after I got back from WIT this year, I was looking through my book and going through the list of lies, and I realized that the main lie I believed – that I was ugly – led to me believing 12 other lies – that I was a failure, I was not important, I wished I was someone else, I’m nobody special, I’m forgotten, everybody else is better than I am, others have better things than I do, no one cares how I feel,  no one appreciates what I do, I will never be as good as so-and-so, people will think less of me & I would do better in a different family. And those in turn, led me to start seeking the validation from sources other than God.

Isn’t it amazing how Satan planted 1 lie in my life and over the course of several years, it led to at least 12 other lies, discontentment, and seeking acceptance from others instead of God?!

What’s even more amazing is that I have a Savior, Friend & God who, even though I have grieved Him many times, still loves me, cares for me, forgives me and calls me His Daughter!  He sent His one and only Son to die in my place and set me free!  And “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”  John 8:36!!!

Who will join me in saying “AMEN!” to our GREAT GOD?!?!

Just a Few Encouraging Quotes ♥

Taken from the book “Espresso for your Spirit”  by Pam Vredevelt


“It doesn’t matter how great the pressure is.  What really matters is where the pressure lies – whether it comes between you and God or whether it presses you nearer His heart.”  –  Hudson Taylor

“Prayer does not change God, but changes him who prays”  –  Soren Kierkegaard

“The Lord doesn’t want first place in my life.  He wants all of my life.”  –  Unknown

“Treasures in heaven are laid up only as treasures on earth are laid down.”  –  Unknown

WIT Testimony 2011!!

My testimony I shared in church this morning 🙂

This past weekend at the WIT conference was life-changing for me.  I have found peace in certain areas of my life that I have been struggling with for quite awhile.  I now have the freedom to go to mom and dad and even Ryan, and talk about things, that before, I wanted to avoid.  Opening up and confessing was not an easy thing to do, but I would do it all over again to gain the peace that I have found.  God has emptied me, broken me and emotionally drained me!  But He’s also filled me, healed me, and drawn me closer to Him. 

I know I said this last year, but I would encourage each of you young people, if you ever get a chance to go to a WIT conference, GO!  Yes it’s hard and painful, but so worth the freedom you will find!

Group of young people that went from our church fellowhip group - L to R: Sara Littley, Sarah Viers (front) Tiana Thiel, Elizabeth Burkey, Kyle Viers, Ryan Littley (front), Daniel Burkey & Ben Viers


To learn more about WIT, visit their website at: http://witministries.com/

A Godly Man Comments on Modesty

This article was given to me this past weekend and I thought it would be a good thing to share with you all.



A Godly Man Comments on Modesty (By: Anonymous)


The following is a heartfelt letter written by a Godly, single young man to his sisters in Christ.  In it he shares his struggle with immodestly dressed women in church.


Dear Sisters in Christ,


I’m 34 years old and single.  Up until I was 26, I shamelessly indulged in lust while I outwardly paraded myself around as an upstanding Christian man.  But today, because of the blood of Jesus and deep repentance, I am able to say that I am no longer that man.  And the work of God’s grace has not only taught me to deny the ungodliness of lustful thoughts, but to go one step further and truly seek to honor you as sisters in my thoughts.


I wish I could write to you and tell you I am able to walk into church without any fear of encountering the temptation to lust anymore; but I can’t.  In fact, to be honest, in the past eight years I’ve even decided not to go to church on more than one occasion because I knew I was too weak to face some of the women there.


As I type I can still remember a few times when I actually had to turn around and get on my knees during some of the worship services because I didn’t want to be more captivated with some of the girls on the worship team than with God.  There have been plenty of other times when I had to purposely look at the floor as I walked through the foyer in order to avoid the same thing.  Did I not desire to put the ugliness of my past behind me, I would not go to such lengths.  But honoring you and my God now means more to me than my own self-indulgence.


Therefore, I hope that what I am about to share will help those of you who dress without any consideration for these things.


You are beautiful; yes.  That much I can see without you doing anything to convince me.  But please do not entice me to notice you.  Is it not enough that God endowed you with the beauty you possess?  And that He has made you a gift to your present or future husband?  Please help me to rejoice with him rather than tempt me to steal from him. 


I understand that the fashion world is becoming more and more revealing, and that it’s increasingly difficult to find attractive clothing that’s modest.  But have you considered my weakness as you look at yourself in the dressing room mirror?  If you only knew how often the immodest outfits you wear accost me, perhaps you would see yourself differently. 


“But your responsible for you thoughts, not me,” you might think.  Yes, you are right.  I must stand before God and own every single one of them someday.  And were you a woman of the world I would have no grounds on which to make my appeal.  But you name the Name of Christ, as I do.  And you call me your brother.


My desire is to honor you; yet there are times that you dress as if you wish I wouldn’t.  I implore you; please consider these things.  I have spoken openly and honestly.  But I have endeavored to do so in love, not in criticism.


In loving sincerity,

  Your Brother in Christ

This Experience Must Come – Oswald Chambers

My Utmost for His Highest – August 11th


“And he saw him no more.” 2 Kings 2:12

It is not wrong to depend upon Elijah as long as God gives him to you, but remember the time will come when he will have to go; when he stands no more to you as your guide and leader, because God does not intend he should. You say – “I cannot go on without Elijah.” God says you must.

Alone at your Jordan. v.14.Jordan is the type of separation where there is no fellowship with anyone else, and where no one can take the responsibility for you. You have to put to the test now what you learned when you were with your Elijah. You have been toJordan over and over again with Elijah, but now you are up against it alone. It is no use saying you cannot go; this experience has come, and you must go. If you want to know whether God is the God you have faith to believe Him to be, then go through yourJordan alone.

Alone at your Jericho. v.15.Jericho is the place where you have seen your Elijah do great things. When you come to yourJericho you have a strong disinclination to take the initiative and trust in God, you want someone else to take it for you. If you remain true to what you learned with Elijah, you will get the sign that God is with you.

Alone at your Bethel. v.23. At your Bethel you will find yourself at your wits’ end and at the beginning of God’s wisdom. When you get to your wits’ end and feel inclined to succumb to panic, don’t; stand true to God and He will bring His truth out in a way that will make your life a sacrament. Put into practice what you learned with your Elijah, use his cloak and pray. Determine to trust in God and do not look for Elijah any more.

Rose From Brier – Amy Carmichael

These are such encouraging words by Amy Carmichael 🙂


Thou hast not that, My child, but thou hast Me,
And am not I alone enough for thee?
I know it all, know how thy heart was set
Upon this joy which has not been given yet.

And well I know how through the wistful days
Thou walkest all the dear familiar ways,
As unregarded as a breath of air,
But there in love and longing, always there.

I know it all; but from thy brier shall blow
A rose for others.  If it were not so
I would have told thee.  Come, then, say to Me:
My Lord, my Love, I am content with Thee.

Till You Are Entirely His…..

This is a couple of days late, but this section from “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers, really stood out to me the other day and I thought I would share it with you all 🙂

Till you are entirely His 

July 31st

“Let your endurance be a finished product, so that you may be finished and complete, with never a defect.” James 1:4 (MOFFATT)

Many of us are all right in the main, but there are some domains in which we are slovenly. It is not a question of sin, but of the remnants of the carnal life which are apt to make us slovenly. Slovenliness is an insult to the Holy Ghost. There should be nothing slovenly, whether it be in the way we eat and drink, or in the way we worship God.

Not only must our relationship to God be right, but the external expression of that relationship must be right. Ultimately God will let nothing escape, every detail is under His scrutiny. In numberless ways God will bring us back to the same point over and over again. He never tires of bringing us to the one point until we learn the lesson, because He is producing the finished product. It may be a question of impulse, and again and again, with the most persistent patience, God has brought us back to the one particular point; or it may be mental wool-gathering, or independent individuality. God is trying to impress upon us the one thing that is not entirely right.

We have been having a wonderful time this Session over the revelation of God’s Redemption, our hearts are perfect towards Him; His wonderful work in us makes us know that in the main we are right with Him. “Now,” says the Spirit, through St. James, “let your endurance be a finished product.” Watch the slipshod bits – “Oh, that will have to do for now.” Whatever it is, God will point it out with persistence until we are entirely His.