WIT Testimony 2011!!

My testimony I shared in church this morning 🙂

This past weekend at the WIT conference was life-changing for me.  I have found peace in certain areas of my life that I have been struggling with for quite awhile.  I now have the freedom to go to mom and dad and even Ryan, and talk about things, that before, I wanted to avoid.  Opening up and confessing was not an easy thing to do, but I would do it all over again to gain the peace that I have found.  God has emptied me, broken me and emotionally drained me!  But He’s also filled me, healed me, and drawn me closer to Him. 

I know I said this last year, but I would encourage each of you young people, if you ever get a chance to go to a WIT conference, GO!  Yes it’s hard and painful, but so worth the freedom you will find!

Group of young people that went from our church fellowhip group - L to R: Sara Littley, Sarah Viers (front) Tiana Thiel, Elizabeth Burkey, Kyle Viers, Ryan Littley (front), Daniel Burkey & Ben Viers


To learn more about WIT, visit their website at: http://witministries.com/


One thought on “WIT Testimony 2011!!

  1. It really was an awesome encounter with God. I think personally that the second WIT! was better than the first. God, in His mercy, showed me my pride and hypocricy…how much it stinks and how bad it really is! Praise God for not giving up on us, even though we, like the Israelites, forget what marvelous things God has done, and go “back to egypt” in our hearts. It is SO awesome to see what God is doing! I’m so glad that all of us went… I feel like I have a whole new family within my church family! God is SO good.

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