Pain Draws Us Close to God

The following are excerpts I took from the book    “The Case for Faith (Student Edition)” by Lee Strobel….really makes you think.


Maybe you know of Joni Eareckson Tada.  Thirty years ago she was an active teenager with everything going for her – until she was paralyzed in a diving accident.  Listen to her words about the pain that has drawn her to God:  “I’d rather be in this wheelchair knowing God than on my feet without him.”   For Joni, if it took paralysis to bring her to God, she believes it was worth it.



Galvin Reid, a British church leader, tells about a young man who had fallen down some stairs when he was one year old and had shattered his back.  The boy had been in and out of hospitals his whole life – and yet he made the astounding comment that he thinks God is fair. 

Reid asked him, “How old are you?”   “Seventeen,” the boy said.

“How many years have you spent in hospitals?”  Reid pursued.   The boy said, “Thirteen years.”

Reid said, “And you think that’s fair?”   “Well,”  the boy replied, “God has all eternity to make it up to me.”


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