“So, What are You Doing Now?”

“You’re a failure”, “You’ll never amount to anything”, “You’re not important”, “You’re insignificant”.  These were the lies Satan was hurling at me as I, once again, was fumbling for the words to answer the question I have come to dread lately… “So, what are you doing now?” 

 This time I answered with “Well, I’m still at home and I do most of the housework…basically I’m a stay-at-home-wife-and-mother-in-training.”  Okay, so maybe my wording wasn’t the greatest, but I had all those lies running through my mind, I couldn’t think very well!

 Later, I jokingly said to mom “I need to come up with some fancy wording to tell people when they ask what I’m doing now…like ‘I’m a domestic care taker in training”  but really, the main reason I wanted to use ‘fancy’ words, was to make me feel important and to have people think more highly of me.  You talk about Prideful!!   How selfish is that?! 

 If I hadn’t just been to the WIT conference, and had what I learned still fresh in my mind, those lies would have eaten at me for days afterwards and I would have been second-guessing myself.  But instead, I realized they were lies and chose to not to believe them!

 I believe this is what God has called me to do – being a wife and mother someday.  It’s just so hard in today’s society, to try and explain that, “No, I’ve never been to college, I don’t have a job (although I do help dad with the business) and I still live at home.”  I have received comments from “That’s great!  You don’t see that much anymore.”  to  “There’s more to life than getting married you know.” 

 There will still be times when ‘the question’ (as I like to call it!) is asked and I may still fumble for words, but if I am following God and doing what He wants me to do, no matter what people think or say, I’ll know that I am doing everything to the glory of God (1st Corinthians 10:31)…not to me or anyone else!


3 thoughts on ““So, What are You Doing Now?”

  1. Hey Sara, The first time I looked at your blog was today. How refreshing it was to read an honest, sincere and real struggle that lots of stay-at-home ladies deal with. It is hard to keep a contented attitude when the world is telling us there are things waaaay more important–especially if there are no children in the home. But if you know you are doing God’s will, there is nothing more important. We are responsible for our obedience. HE is responsible for the outcome. There is nothing more important than obeying God. So your answer is: “I am following God’s direction for my life right now by staying home and helping my family. In this He is teaching me contentment.” Hurray for you, Sara!

  2. In a different angle I guess I have also been feeling like I have not been living up to what “I should be doing”. Satan has all kinds of things running threw my head at times along the same lines as the beginning of your post. Thanks for keeping up with your blog and know that you touch people with your words.

    Love to you and your family!

  3. @ Mrs. Stechschulte – Thank you for the encouragement! I am definetly going to word my answer to ‘the question’ from now on, with something very similar to what you posted!!

    @ Mr. Trent – I’ll be praying for you and your family!

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