Our Daily Bread – May 17, 1982

Copied from ‘Our Daily Bread’  May 17th 1982…really makes you stop and think…


A woman developed a very serious throat condition.  The doctor prescribed medication but told her that her vocal cords needed total rest – no talking for six months!  With a husband and six children to care for, it seemed an impossible order, but she cooperated.  When she needed the youngsters, she blew a whistle.

Instructions became written memos, and questions were answered on pads of paper she had placed around the house.  The six months passed, and after she recovered, her first comments were quite revealing.  She said that the children had become quieter, and then remarked, “I don’t think I’ll ever holler again like I used to.”

When asked about the notes, she replied, “You’d be surprised how many, written hastily, I crumpled up and threw into the wastebasket before I gave them to anyone to read.  Seeing my words before anyone heard them had an effect that I don’t think I can ever forget.”


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