Mark 4:40

 This verse has been in my life quite often these past couple of months.  Whenever I tend to start worrying about something, God puts it in my mind and helps remind me that He is in complete control, and I need to put all my trust in Him and surrender my plans and desires to Him…after all, He’s the author of my life story!!

 So the next time you are worrying, ask yourself “Why am I so fearful?”  And remember, God knows what He’s doing!


One thought on “Mark 4:40

  1. I love to sing these songs (in combination) when people tell me they’re worried… “Why worry when you can pray? Trust Jesus, He’ll be your stay, don’t be a doubting Thomas, trust fully in God’s promise, why worry, worry, worry, worry — when you can pray?” SO… “Cheer up ye saints of God there’s nothing to worry about! Nothing to make you feel afraid, nothing to make you doubt! Remember Jesus never fails so why not trust Him and SHOUT! You’ll be sorry you worried at all tomorrow morning.

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