Praying for Your Future Husband

I just started reading a book titled “Praying for Your Future Husband” by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer.   Following are some things that have stuck out to me so far.


This is a poem that, though I didn’t write it, it sure seems like it was taken from my heart.  Yet I continue to surrender my desires to God and trust in Him to work all things out in his timing!!


Where Are You?

I have waited so patiently.       

Where are you?

They said if I would wait as if I was not expecting anything to happen, you would arrive.

Where are you?

I have been dreaming of you for years yet still my dreams don’t become a reality.

Where are you?

I have been writing you letters and saving them for you.

Where are you?

Everyone around me is getting this question answered while I sit alone.

Where are you?

Are you asking the same question of me?

I’m right here.

Where are you?

My hand is lonely without yours to fill it.

How long must I wait?

I’m ready. Are you?

Waiting…my life feels like an endless line of waiting.

Where is my fast pass?

How can I pass go and collect you?

Why does it feel like I always get the chutes when everyone else is getting the ladders?

Where are you?

          Rachel Gunn


This was a prayer they had written as well, and it also seems like it was taken from my heart!   I did edit some out as it didn’t really fit for me.


Dear Lord,

  Instead of feeling envy when I see all the fun my friends seem to be having in their relationships, teach me to share their joy as a true friend. Open my eyes to the pain they face when things don’t turn out as they had hoped.  And with Your love in me, help me to comfort them, even in their pain. 

I am impatient, Lord.  I want what I want when I want it.  Show me the beauty and peace that patience can produce in my life.  Teach me how to wait on You.  Help me to trust that You have the answers and will reveal those answers in Your good and proper time.

Forgive me, Lord, for all the times I haven’t waited but have stepped outside of Your will.  Forgive me for taking matters into my own hands and letting my sometimes foolish heart lead me in the wrong direction and away from You and Your heart’s desire for my life.  In all the ways my impatience has turned to sin, forgive me.  Make me clean.  Strengthen me as I wait.

I ask this in the mighty name of Jesus, amen


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