“God Said”

Okay, so I’m definitely NOT a poet, but below is something I wrote this evening that kind of describes where my heart was this past week (and has been for quite a while I guess).

“God Said”


God said “Wait” and I asked “Why?”

He replied, “My Child, right now’s not the time.”

I answered Him back as I held in the tears,

“But Lord I have waited all of these years!”


“My Child”, He said; as His eyes met with mine

“Do you not trust me with all of your life?

 Do you not know, that I hold in my hand

 The pen I am using to make your love story grand?”


“All I ask is you wait just a little while more,

Before I show you what I have in store.

Give me all of your heart, follow close by my side.

I’ll comfort you, help you, and always will guide.”


I replied, “Here’s my heart Lord, take all that I have!

My dreams and my hopes are now in your hands.”

God said to me, as He drew me close to His side

“My Child, I have great plans for your life!”


~ Sara Littley ~


4 thoughts on ““God Said”

  1. Love it Sara! 🙂 It sounds silly because i am so young, but i already get anxious about my love story. I see all my friends with their boyfriends and I get sad. thanks for reminding me that God hasn’t forgotten about me, i just have to be patient and wait 🙂 Love you!

  2. Its great Sara!!…Be patient my dear..I know thats so hard to do at times..I was almost 30 when God brought Jason into my life..so trust me I DO!!..But Gods timing is ALWAYS perfect!!..Just keep falling in love with HIM!!!..I so enjoy reading your posts!!! 🙂

  3. I could have written this myself a few years ago… I know everyone tells you this Sara, but honestly, it IS worth waiting for God. I had a few ideas I thought were pretty good but what the Lord chose to do and the man He chose to give me were so much better than the best I could see. I’d do it again!

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