At My Window


  I’ve spent a lot of time looking out the ‘window’ of my ‘tower’ to see if I could see my Prince coming…riding up on a great white horse. That time would have been better spent serving you instead of feeling sorry for myself.  I could have had ‘prayer parties’ instead of ‘pity parties’.

 Lord, there have been times where I’ve pulled myself away from my window to serve you, but I always had one eye on the window, and every chance I got, I’d run over and look out, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. 

Lord, forgive me for the wasted time.  I am leaving my window and wholly serving You now.  Yes, I will have the temptation to go look and see if he’s coming, but Lord, help me to keep my focus on you and trust that you will bring him to me in Your timing… I don’t have to be at the window to let him in when he comes, you’ll let him in.

 So as I leave my window, Lord, and set out on a new adventure, open my eyes to the many opportunities around me! 

 I am fully surrendered to you.


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