Recycling Jeans =)

With being only 4′ 10″ it’s very hard for me to find modest clothes (specifically skirts) that fit.  So a couple of weeks ago I tried something I’ve seen done, but hadn’t tried myself…I turned a pair of jeans into skirt…and, amazingly, it worked!!  Below are a few pictures of it.  I didn’t get ‘progress’ pictures, but I’ll try describing what I did 🙂

I started with an un-hemmed pair of jeans.  I laid a skirt that was about the length I wanted this one, over top of them and cut the legs.

I then cut the inside seam of the legs, layed them out flat, laid a piece of denim (recycled from dad’s old jeans of course!) in the opening, pinned it in place and sewed it. 

I repeated this process for the back of the skirt as well.  I then ran a couple of lines of stitching around the bottom, so it wouldn’t fray up very far ( I didn’t feel like taking the time to hem it 🙂 )

This was the finished product

Please pardon the dust on the mirror!

Please pardon the mess in the background!

I’m definitely going to be making more of these!!!


2 thoughts on “Recycling Jeans =)

  1. Good job, Sara!! I have yet to try that, but I really ought to. =) And you’re wearing your Northwoods hoodie!!! Aww . . . I really miss you and the rest of our Journey team!!!!
    Keep living for Him, Princess!!

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