This year has been an amazing year for me as God has changed me in so many ways and really worked on my heart.  He’s challenged me, stretched me, comforted me, held me, and blessed me!  The blessing part is what I want to tell you about this time… 

Not once, but twice…TWICE, God has blessed me with something that I wanted and didn’t even think to pray for!!  The first was my trip to Journey to the Heart back in June…I desired to go, but couldn’t afford it and someone paid my way!

 The second blessing happened today…you see, I love to play the piano and the one we have, we’ve had for 16 years, moved it 4 times and have never had it tuned – yeah, it sounded pretty bad!!  Anyway…I’ve wanted to have it tuned for a few years now, but I never seemed to have the money when the opportunity arose.  We got a phone call from a guy that dad knows, saying he was coming to tune our piano on the 6th and he would be here around 10:30!!  Someone had paid for us to have our piano tuned!! 

 Now that may not seem like a big thing to you, but to me (and my poor family members who had to listen to me play a very out of tune piano) it’s a very big (and exciting!) thing!!

 It is so amazing how God has blessed me this year. How, even when I don’t ask, He still knows what I desire and enjoys surprising me…even in the little things 🙂

 We serve an awesome and amazing God!



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