Update on Trent Family

An update from Dan Trent on how his wife, Kiyomi, is doing!


Kiyomi arrived home Monday night. The children were all together with us on Tuesday. It has been a busy week trying to get everything in balance but it is good to be home.

 Kiyomi had her surgeries (2) and went very well. The first procedure was to put the sensor bars on the left and right side of the brain. By the end of the week we discovered that the seizures were coming from the left side.

This was big news because we thought they were coming from the right side. Doctor Kanner told us we should expect Kiyomi to have a difficult time speaking English and possibly not able to speak English at all as well as having motor skill problems.

 The second procedure was to remove an area of the hippocampus on the left side. When I got to visit her, the Doctor was smiling and told me we had a great outcome as she spoke English and her native Japanese just fine. She is having short term memory issues but that was a problem before the operations.

We have about two months of physical therapy and about a year of medications adjustments and testing. Even with all that is ahead we can see the prayers from our friends and God’s hand in all of this and that has made this journey so much more positive.

 Thank you to everyone that has stood for our family in prayer.



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