Another Gift…and again I didn’t even ask…

As most of you know, I do quite a bit of sewing…especially lately with making skirts from jeans – not only for myself, but for friends from church now too 🙂 

My thread ‘collection’ consisted only of a few neutral colors, and I was starting to run a little low.  I wasn’t too worried about it though.

Well…earlier this week (Tuesday), I was given a BUNCH of sewing stuff from a friend (one I had made a skirt for) and what do you think was in there?! 

Oodles and oodles of THREAD!!  And they weren’t all neutral colors either…there’s everything from white to bright greens and pinks!  I even mentioned to mom as I was sorting through all the boxes, that the only color I didn’t have in my collection was purple – a color from some odd, unknown reason I wanted to add to my collection…and about a minute later, what do you think I came across?! 

Not only one, but 7 spools of purple thread in different shades!!!

It’s so amazing how God provided me with about 130 (yes, that’s right 130!) spools of thread, and again…I didn’t even ask Him for it.  That’s the 3rd time this year He’s given me a gift 🙂 

I serve an AWESOME God!!


2 thoughts on “Another Gift…and again I didn’t even ask…

  1. You should show me how to make these skirts because I can NEVER find skirts in the store that I would wear!..I know someone who makes & sells them but they live near I’d have to pay for shipping!

    • They are SO easy and VERY comfortable! Since I don’t see you that often, I’ll post a picture tutorial of the step-by-step process…hopefully it’ll make sense 🙂

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