Define Necessity…

The pictures say it all…..


8 thoughts on “Define Necessity…

  1. i would actually have to disagree with these pictures, but please, don’t take me wrong, I’m no humbug or scrooge or a cold hearted person, but in my opinion these two comparisons are simply DRASTIC—they shouldn’t even be compared. Here’s one ugly truth, how can you help the needy by not buying, the money would be stored in a bank either way.
    Here’s another example:
    Mother: “Eat your food”
    Child: “But I’m full!”
    Mother: “Eat it! There are children starving in India!”
    Truth to be said, the piece of pork chop left on the child’s plate will endue in the sewers somewhere.

    Yes they are ways to help, like, for example, donating the toys to a local charity, but otherwise, comparing a christmas dinner with kids in Africa, yes it’s heartbreaking, but unless you sign up to a peace corps or donate 1,000,000$ to the needy, there is TRULY no other way, but still be grateful for what you have and follow the lord

    • I can see some of your point, but at least one aspect of it is flawed. Your logic is saying that money not spent on our luxuries must sit in a safe, when that is simply untrue. Splurging or miserliness are not our only two options. There is a third: generosity.

  2. We are given many things in North America. Are biggest need, is to determine what to keep and what we should give away! There are many organizations to help people all over the world. If you need a charity that gives 100% of your donations to help orphans in Africa, check out this site:
    No salaries or administration fees are paid out. Even $5 can make a difference!

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