Me, Abba & Minty Mochas!!!

My cousin, Abigail (or more affectionately known as Abba), is staying with us for about 5 weeks while she is on Winter Break from college. Monday, she and I made very delicious Minty Mochas!  It was a very special treat – especially for me since I haven’t had one since I went off Dairy products 🙂  


Our adorable matching mugs 🙂

Abba & I with our Mochas 🙂

 She and I are having an awesome time together…watching movies, swing dancing, talking till 3 in the morning, baking cupcakes and, of course, more talking 🙂  It’s nice having a sister…even if it is only temporary.


Minty Mocha Recipe

1 1/2 cups milk          2 cups coffee      6 Mint Andes Chocolates      1 T. Sugar

Put chocolates & milk in pan on low heat and stir until candies dissolve.  Stir in coffee until hot.  Top with mini marshmallows and enjoy!

To make it dairy free, I used Almond milk instead of ‘real’ milk and omitted the sugar since Almond milk is sweet…they were so amazing!


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