Focus on the Soybeans…not the Milkweed

This morning at church, Mr. Walter shared a story of how, a couple of years ago, he had a soybean field of about 2 million soybeans and how he loved driving by and admiring it.  But there was one thing that kept it from being perfect that really bothered him…a single milkweed sticking up in the middle of the field. He went on to mention how that milkweed plant bothered him so much, that he didn’t really notice the 2 million soybeans.

This got me thinking about a lot that went on this past year.  I keep focusing on 2 things that I didn’t get to do (both mission trips – one to India, one to Ukraine),  but I don’t even think about all the things  I DID get to do and the ways I ministered to people around here.  I had my focus on the “Milkweed” instead of on the “Soybeans”.

I had such an amazing year, I can’t even begin to describe all that went on, and how much I grew in my walk with the Lord!!! This year, 2012, I want to focus on the “soybeans” and trust God knows what He’s doing, where He’s taking me and why He’s putting me there.

May God bless you all in the New Year!!


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