Lessons from Journey part 2

How to love others through God part 2

One of the best tests of perfect love is whether it can wait.  God gives a beautiful love story in the Bible regarding Jacob’s love for Rachel.  In that account, God evaluates Jacob’s love by stating “Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her”      (Genesis 29:20)

Imagine that! Waiting seven years to marry the person you love and having those years seem like a few days!

This is so true!  Like my purity ring says “True Love Waits”

  • Deal with infatuations immediately

Even after you give your heart fully to the Lord, you will probably experience persistent or periodic thoughts of marriage or a delight in a certain individual. What should you do with these thoughts?  If you allow them to continue, you add power to them, turning them into overpowering mental and emotional monsters. 

You should not deny their existence or try to stifle them in your mind or heart.  Instead, you must respond quickly and wisely to all thoughts, bringing them captive to your love for the Lord Jesus Christ.  You can accomplish this by turning every thought into a response to God.  This is how David wrote the Psalms, which are such great blessings to believers today… 

…You cannot achieve the goal of loving God wholeheartedly without first dealing with the issues of human affections.

I remember reading through all this for the first time on Journey, and just trying to let everything sink in!  It was like a drink of cool water after walking through the desert for a very long time.  Even now, if I’m struggling, I pull my binder out, go to this section and read everything I underlined and all the notes I made and realize just how far I have come in just the past few months.

To Be Continued…


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