A Singles Valentine’s Day…

Now, if you’re like me (single), you’re probably not planning on anything special for Valentine’s day this year…seeing as how we don’t really have a special one to spend it with……or do we?

I may not have a special young man that I can spend the day with, but I do have one that loves me more than any man ever could, and I can spend the WHOLE day with Him if I want to…and that’s exactly what I plan on doing!

It says in 1st John 4:19 “We love him, because he first loved us.”   Did you catch that?  He loved us first!  And isn’t that what Valentines Day is about; love? 

So this year, instead of focusing on what I don’t have (a special young man), I’m going to focus on what I DO have (a God that loves me more than anyone ever could!).

So, I’m going to challenge you other singles out there…spend your Valentines Day with God – singing, praying and remembering everything He has done for you 🙂

 I’d love to hear how you spent your day! 


Tell me what you think!

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