Lessons From Journey part 3

Note:  If you’d like to learn more about Journey to the Heart, please visit:  http://iblp.org/iblp/discipleship/journeytotheheart/ 

These next few posts, I’m going to be talking about a few different “Wrong Heart Conditions”…I will not, however, be sharing them all.

~ A Murmuring Heart ~

Most people murmur.  Some murmur a little, others murmur a lot. But whether little or much, murmuring displeases God…

Do you understand what Murmuring is?

Murmuring is telling other people about a situation that displeases you.  A person with a murmuring spirit usually infects others with the same negative response, causing division and discouragement.

Are you guilty of Murmuring? 

(There are quite a few questions, but I’m only going to share the four I check-marked)

  • Do you react to an assigned job and wonder why someone else could not do it, rather than welcome its opportunities to humble yourself, develop a servants spirit, and do the job as for the Lord?


  • Do you react critically to teaching that you disagree with, rather than search for related truth in Scripture and ask the teacher for further clarification?


  • Do you discuss problems with people who are not part of the problem or the solution, rather than ask God for wisdom and go directly to those involved?

Oh yes!  This is very much me, and I have seen negative effects come from various situations as a part of it.

  • Are you guilty of violating God’s command to “Do all things without murmuring and disputing”?

…When you experience a challenging situation, immediately bring it to God rather than to somebody else.

This wrong heart condition was very convicting and eye opening for me; causing me to realize just how much I murmur and seeing my need to be cleansed from it. 

Series to be Continued; Next Post: An Adulterous Heart


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