Lessons From Journey part 6

~ A Prideful Heart ~

Pride is at the root of every conflict in the world and every broken relationship in life because “Only by pride cometh contention” (Proverbs 13:10a)

Do you understand what pride is?

Pride is putting yourself in the place of God

(There are a lot of examples for this one, so like I did previously, I’m only going to post the ones I check-marked)

  • Pride is thinking about yourself more than God and others

Pride is comparing yourself with other people, thinking you are better than some and not as good as others – (The latter part of that kind of surprised me.  I knew that thinking of myself as better then someone else was pride, but I had never heard that thinking you are not as good as someone was also prideful)

  • Pride is envying those you think are more attractive or talented than you
  • Pride is seeking your pleasure more than pleasing God or serving others
  • Pride is hiding your faults and failures so others will think you are better than you really are
  • Pride is refusing to admit you are wrong
  • Pride is refusing to ask forgiveness
  • Pride is spending more time in the morning getting ready to see people than you spend with God
  • Pride is seeking the praise of people more than the approval of God


God expects you to humble yourself.  If you do not, He will raise up others to humble you.

I never really realized just how prideful I was until going through this section.  God has been humbling me quite a bit since 🙂

Series to Be Continued; In the next post I will start going over the good heart section 🙂



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