The Gift

“Thanks for the gift!  I like it, but couldn’t you have given me more?  Maybe something a little better?” 


How many of you would actually say that to a friend or family member after receiving a gift?  Probably none of you – at least I hope that’s the case! 

But you see…that’s exactly what I’ve been telling God lately!  Not in those exact terms, mind you, but the meaning was the same and I’ve come to see it this week….

For awhile now, I’ve been trying to figure out what God wants me to be doing for a ministry and every time I prayed about it, I felt Him telling me ‘write your blog’. 

My response was always “Yes, Lord, I’ll keep writing it, but what do you want me to do for a ‘real’ ministry?  My blog’s not enough; there must be something better you want me to do”

But, everytime I asked Him that, His response was always the same…silence.

This past Wednesday, while Facebook chatting with a good friend, I told her how I felt, and she pretty much told me that God has given me a gift of writing; use it.

It wasn’t until today (Thursday) that it really hit me…

I realize that God gave me the gift of writing and everytime I tell Him that writing my blog isn’t enough of a ministry, I’m basically telling Him that I don’t think the gift He has given me is enough.

After seeing it from that perspective, I now have an even greater desire to write my blog and write more frequently. 

So now I am setting out in greater force to do the ministry God has called me to do, and I will do it with a joyful heart; fully devoted to Him 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Dear Sara,
    As I read your blog Luke 16:10 came to my mind, it says something about, He that is faithful in little shall be faithful in much. writing on your blog may seem like a little thing but remember God almost always starts with the things that are little to us because He is trying us and seeing if we will be faithful to do the little things. That way if we preserver then He can send us on to the big things! So press forward and just take what seems little in your eyes and do it faithfully and whole heartedly!
    May God bless you with courage to press froward!
    Love, Susie Walter

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