How it all began…

If you were to ask me what helped with my decision to have a relationship with Christ, I’d have to say fear….the fear of death and the fear of Courtship.  Now I know that second one sounds very odd, but it’s true…and this is my story 🙂

I was born into a Christian family and prayed ‘the prayer’ at the age of 4, but it would be 13 more years before I really understood what it was to have a relationship with God. 

I went to church regularly, had Christian friends and occasionally read my Bible…but something was missing.  I could see something different in my friends…something I didn’t have but wanted.  They KNEW they were saved; they had stories of how God was working in their lives. They didn’t have the fear of death like I did.

Now, you’re probably all wondering why I was afraid of courting someone…well, I was scared of the questions that would come.  Questions about my relationship with Christ; how he’d been working in my life; what I was learning in my devotions, etc.    

So I began searching…searching God’s Word, praying, observing others, and really listening to the messages Sunday mornings.   I finally came to realize that all I had was Religion, but that wasn’t enough…I needed to have a Relationship!  There’s a HUGE difference there!  

The late Keith Green says at the end of one of his songs “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian, anymore than going to McDonalds makes you a hamburger.”   And this is so true!  You can go to church all your life and be a ‘good person’, but if you don’t have Christ as your personal savior and have a relationship with Him, then it’s just a religion.   

In 2007 I believe it was, I truly accepted the Lord as my Savior and things began to change (I don’t remember the date since I didn’t write it down, and I really wish I had).  I began reading my Bible because I wanted to – not because I had to.  The fear of death (and courtship) went away, and I had a peace I had never had before.   

As the years have gone by, that relationship has gotten even better; even sweeter 🙂  I now have stories as to how God has worked (and is working) in my life and the amazing things I have seen Him do…I’ve even posted some of them here on my blog 🙂

And there you have it…my story of how God took me from a fear of death and courtship and brought me to a wonderful relationship with Him! 

My Baptism August 17th 2008


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