Not My Understanding, But His

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart; and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.”  Proverbs 3:5-6

 This verse is what I call my ‘life verse’.  God gave it to me a few years ago and it has gotten me through quite a bit.  But it wasn’t until just a few days ago that I saw it in another light.  You see, I always read the “Trust in the Lord” part and never really focused on the “lean not on your own understanding” part…until the other day, as I was praying a prayer I had found for my husband, and this happened to be one of the verses.

Of course it caused me to take a good look at myself…Have I been leaning on my own understanding?  When God does something I don’t understand how do I react?  Am I okay with it and keep trusting Him, or do I get frustrated that things aren’t going the way I want them to?

Another verse that really became real to me lately was “for we walk by faith, not by sight.”  (2nd Corinthians 5:7).  I realized I’ve been walking by sight – only what I could see God doing – and not fully walking by faith – trusting that He is doing what’s best for me, no matter what I see. 

See how those 2 verses can go hand-in-hand?  If I walk by sight, I’m leaning on my own understanding – only what I can see and comprehend.  But if I walk by faith, I’m leaning on God’s understanding – trusting Him to get me through and be my guide. 

I found it interesting that this all became clearer to me while praying for my husband, since this is the area in my life that I really need to be trusting God in.  That I would wait for HIS timing to bring the right guy along…HIS timing for my courtship…and for HIS pen to write my love story!

So as I set out to walk more by faith and to lean on God’s understanding, not mine; I’m sure trials and discouragements will come, but with God as my guide, I’ll know I’m walking the right way, and that my life story is being written by the best author!! 




Testing, Testing…..

God sure seems to have a sense of humor when He tests me in certain areas of my life…although I don’t always find it funny 🙂

You see, my current laptop is a dinosaur and in need of replacement, so I’ve been saving my pennies and looking for a new one…but most importantly, I’ve been praying for one (and in a specific color).  God has provided so many things for me in the past; I know He can do it again. 

After only a couple of days of praying, we we’re at Staples and wouldn’t you know…they had the laptop I wanted (and with the switchable lid in the color I wanted!!) on sale!  I kept going back and forth in my mind thinking “This could be God’s way of providing!”  and  “This could be a test. God could be seeing just how much I trust Him”. Since I didn’t have the finances, I decided it must be the latter. 

The next day, we stopped at another Staples closer to home, and wouldn’t you know…they had the same sale.  Once again, I exited the store; no new laptop, but still trusting God. 

Today (just a week after being at Staples), I get an e-mail in my Spam folder… it was titled somewhat along the lines of “Get a free Dell laptop!…enter now to win”.  Not even funny, people. 

So, as I sit here, writing this blog post on my ‘dinosaur’, I’m focusing on being thankful that I even have a laptop (and that is was given to me by my brother almost a year ago…thanks Ryan!!), rather than focusing on the fact that I don’t have a nicer one. 

I will say this though…when God does provide a new laptop, you’ll all probably hear me rejoicing…but if not, you’ll be able to read about it, because I will blog it 🙂

Now and Forever…

Lord,  I give up all my own plans and purposes, all my own desires and hopes, and accept Thy will for my life.  I give myself, my time, my all, utterly to Thee to be Thine forever. Fill me and seal me with Thy Holy Spirit.  Use me as Thou wilt, send me where Thou wilt, work out Thy whole will in my life at any cost, now and forever.          ~ Betty Scott Stam ~

 I fell in love with this prayer the first time I read it!  It is so powerful and one that I want to apply in my own life.  I want to be able to pray this from my heart and truly mean it…truly accept God’s will for my life…whatever it may be. 

Betty Scott Stam

Happy Birthday Allison!!!!

This is a special blog post for my sweet little cousin, Allison Marie.  Today is her 6th birthday!!  It’s hard to believe that 6 years have gone by already.

Happy Birthday Allison!!  I Love You!!!

Grandma with her grandaughters 🙂 After nearly 16 years, I was excited to FINALLY have a girl cousin!! 🙂

The most recent picture I have of the two of us taken Summer 2011 🙂



Only 2 Weeks Left!!

2 weeks from today the singles WIT conference starts!!  My friends and I are looking forward to it, but we do need prayer!! 

Please be praying for the hearts of the all young people that will be there.  Satan attacks in many different ways; whether it be discouragement, frustration, anger, unwillingness to be open and honest, etc…

It can be a very intense 3 1/2 days, but also very life changing, and I’m anxious to see what God has for me to learn 🙂 

Hearing from God – WIT 2011