Testing, Testing…..

God sure seems to have a sense of humor when He tests me in certain areas of my life…although I don’t always find it funny 🙂

You see, my current laptop is a dinosaur and in need of replacement, so I’ve been saving my pennies and looking for a new one…but most importantly, I’ve been praying for one (and in a specific color).  God has provided so many things for me in the past; I know He can do it again. 

After only a couple of days of praying, we we’re at Staples and wouldn’t you know…they had the laptop I wanted (and with the switchable lid in the color I wanted!!) on sale!  I kept going back and forth in my mind thinking “This could be God’s way of providing!”  and  “This could be a test. God could be seeing just how much I trust Him”. Since I didn’t have the finances, I decided it must be the latter. 

The next day, we stopped at another Staples closer to home, and wouldn’t you know…they had the same sale.  Once again, I exited the store; no new laptop, but still trusting God. 

Today (just a week after being at Staples), I get an e-mail in my Spam folder… it was titled somewhat along the lines of “Get a free Dell laptop!…enter now to win”.  Not even funny, people. 

So, as I sit here, writing this blog post on my ‘dinosaur’, I’m focusing on being thankful that I even have a laptop (and that is was given to me by my brother almost a year ago…thanks Ryan!!), rather than focusing on the fact that I don’t have a nicer one. 

I will say this though…when God does provide a new laptop, you’ll all probably hear me rejoicing…but if not, you’ll be able to read about it, because I will blog it 🙂