I’ve never heard a more glorious sound!  To me it sounded like the Hallelujah chorus, but to anyone else it probably just sounds like a regular mower…riding mower that is!!!  That’s right!  We FINALLY have a riding mower!!

Dad found one at a yard sale yesterday, and I am SO anxious for the grass to grow so I can mow it!!    I did take it for a test drive yesterday and am happy to say I haven’t lost my knack at driving…or as mom would say, ‘flying’… around the yard 🙂

Now to just install a seat belt on it so I don’t slide off the seat going around corners….

Oh how He makes me smile!!

I just LOVE it when God surprises me with little things!!!  You see, this Spring I was determined that I was going to keep the lawn looking nice and neat, and mowed.  Apparently my plans aren’t always Gods plans.   Our riding mower bit the dust before I was even able to use it to mow this year, so I had to be content with our push mower…which also bit the dust before I could complete the lawn once (and it died of the same problem the riding mower did).  Needless to say, I was not exactly rejoicing. 

After what seemed like WAY too long of a wait, we were able to purchase a new push mower and I was excited to get out and mow…FINALLY! 

For awhile things were going well…I was able to keep the yard looking nice, though it was hard work.  Then along came this week…and also the death of yet another lawn mower.  Seeing as how this lawn mower was purchased new, however, we will be taking it back!!

I was getting pretty discouraged as the lawn looked terrible and there was nothing I could do about it!  Well, I suppose I could have used scissors, but lets face it, that’s just not gonna happen!!! 

And that brings us to today 🙂  I was down working in the garden when I heard what sounded like car doors shutting and a lot of banging around up here by the house.  Wondering what in the world was going on, I came up to investigate and found friends from church with there zero-turn mowers and a weed-eater, ready to tackle our lawn!!   I was so shocked and excited!!  I smiled the entire time they were mowing!

They got the job done in about 30 minutes…it usually takes me between 3-5 hours!!    To some of you this may not seem like that big of a thing, but to me it’s just another one of Gods little ways of showing He loves me!!  


Photos from WIT Singles Conference 2012!!!!

It may take a moment for the slideshow to start…if it doesn’t  click on the photo and it will start in a new window 🙂  Sorry some of them look grainy…I’m not sure why that happened 🙂

WIT 2012 Testimony!!

Though I can’t share most of what I went through this weekend since it’s personal, I will say that God has brought me to even more freedom and drawn me even closer to Him.  There are a couple of things that He did though that I can share that absolutely amazed me…in fact, they still amaze me!!

It all started Thursday morning when I sat down at the table I was assigned to.  There was another girl already sitting there and she introduced herself.  She then asked if I had a blog on the internet, and I told her I did, but I was wondering how she knew.  After talking a little bit more, I discovered that she had actually found out about the conference through what I had written about it on my blog!!  We were both so amazed at how God had not only brought us to the same place, but had also put us at the same table!!  (You can read her blog here: http://waitingpatientlyforhim.blogspot.com/ )

The second thing happened Saturday evening.  They had a time of communion and reflection, and while I was there God was telling me something I needed to do.  Not wanting to do it, I argued for awhile, but finally lost.  As I walked out into the hall to talk to who I needed to talk to, I suddenly panicked and started crying.  I said “I can’t do this” and was getting ready to run down the hallway when suddenly a girl I didn’t know came up to me, put her arm around my shoulder and started praying for me.  I ended up staying there and doing what I needed to do and I thank God that I did.  When I got up the next morning, I knew I had to find that girl so I could thank her and find out what her name was.  When I did find her and asked her her name, my jaw about hit the floor…she couldn’t have had a better name!  Her name was Grace.  When she said that, the thought instantly popped into my mind that “God’s Grace kept me in the hallway!”  Though I thanked her for what she did, I don’t think she truly realized just how great of a thing it actually was!!

Yes, the weekend was hard, but I would go through it all again to be where I am at right now!


With some of my friends – L to R – Sarah, myself, Tabitha & Elizabeth