22 Things…

 Seeing as how I turned 22 today, I was thinking about doing a blog post of 22 facts about myself, or something along those lines, but I thought “That sounds way too self-centered” and that is NOT what I want this blog to be about.  So as I got thinking more about it, I have decided this blog post will be on “22 Things God Has Done For Me”  I must be honest and admit, it wasn’t real easy coming up with 22 things, but I did it!!

1)      – Died on the cross for my sins so that I could go free!

2)      – Has allowed me to live in a country where I can openly profess that I am a Christian

3)      – Has Blessed me with a wonderful family…although occasionally I do joke about being adopted 🙂

4)      – Blessed me with amazing, Godly friends

5)      – Put Godly couples in my life that are wonderful role models

6)      – Has shown me that HE is my validation – not what others think of me or say I am

7)      – Given me the opportunity to write this blog

8)      – Blessed me with a lot of work this year

9)      – Provided the finances for me to go on a Journey to the Heart last year

10)  – Has given us vehicles a couple of times

11)  – Blessed me with good health – something I often take for granted

12)  – Given me the ability to see, speak, hear, walk, etc…another thing I all to often take for granted

13)  – Given me the ability to learn

14)  – Given me the gift of playing piano without having had lessons

15)  – Has put 4 little girls in my life who are so special to me!! – (https://iluvgod.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/i-am-so-blessed/)

16)  – Keeps me safe – at least 3 times in the past 2 years, I could have died

17)  – Shown me that no matter what I’ve done, He still loves me and forgives me

18)  – Shown me that, when I let go of my plans, He always has something better (https://iluvgod.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/direction-not-rejection/)

19)  – Allowed me to forgive people that have hurt me…whether they have apologized or not

20)  – Allowed me to overcome my shyness…yes, believe it or not, I was once VERY shy 🙂

21)  – Always encourages me when I need it

22)  – Has Blessed me with 22 years of life 🙂 

And there you have it…22 things God has done for me.   What has He done for you?


2 thoughts on “22 Things…

  1. Happy Birthday Sara! I hope your day is really special and filled with special blessings that you’ll remember the rest of your life!

    That was a wonderful post! It is so easy to take for granted so many of the blessings God has given us! Thanks for the reminder :]

    In His Steps,

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