All on the Altar…

Oh the faith that Abraham must have had!!  I mean, think about it.  First off, God promises (and gives) him a son (Isaac) in his old age, and tells him that he will be the father of nations…but several years down the road, God tells him to sacrifice Isaac.  Now I don’t know about you, but if I were in Abraham’s shoes (or should I say sandals?), I would be reminding God of His promise and asking Him if He was really sure He knew what He was asking for.  But Abraham didn’t.  He obeyed in faith; knowing that God had the best plan and knew what He was doing.  He was willing to sacrifice his son in order to obey God. 

Does my love for God run so deep that I would sacrifice even the most precious thing in my life (besides my relationship with Him), just because He asks me to?   Am I willing to lay my ‘Isaac’ on the altar and say, “Here you are Lord, it’s yours”, not knowing if He’ll intercede and allow me to have it back? 

It’s so hard to let something go…to give something up…especially when you don’t understand why.  But it can be in the ‘letting go’ times, when our “all on the altar is laid”, that we really see God work. 

“You have longed for sweet peace and for faith to increase, and have earnestly fervently prayed.  But you cannot have rest or be perfectly blessed, until all on the altar is laid.

 Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid? Your heart does the Spirit control?  You can only be blest and have peace and sweet rest, as you yield Him your body and soul.”  – “Is Your All on the Altar?”


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