4 years ago…

4 years ago today, I was sitting in a church…watching my friend, Erin, get married.  She was 23 and I can remember ‘praying’, “God, please don’t make me wait till I’m 23 to get married!  That’s another 5 years!  I don’t want to wait that long!”   Apparently God has a different time schedule than I do, since that 5 years has quickly become 356 days!  Where did that time go?!

As hard as it’s been at times to wait, I am so glad that God did not allow me to get married back then…I was so not ready for it!  Over the past 3 years, He has worked so much in my life…changing me into who He wants me to be.  There are times where I read back over letters I have written to my future husband, and think “wow…did I ever have a lot to learn!!”

With each passing day, God is teaching me more and more…drawing me closer to Him…desiring that the only relationship I have right now is with Him; trusting Him with the pen of my life story.

And, in closing, I’d like to wish Jesse & Erin a Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary!!!

(you can read Erin’s courtship story here: https://iluvgod.wordpress.com/2010/05/03/%e2%80%9cnot-just-watering-camels%e2%80%9d-by-erin-walter-brumbaugh/)


2 thoughts on “4 years ago…

  1. As the father of a 23 year old daughter who was married 6 months ago, I’m glad you’re content with being single for now – God already has your husband picked out and, as I told my 20 year old daughter, He’s preparing both of you for marriage right now. The fact that you are content and don’t feel like you “need” a husband (to be complete, fulfilled, happy etc) tells me God has prepared you for marriage – He wants us to rely completely on Him for fulfillment because no man (or woman), not even the best spouse, is capable of giving us spiritual fulfillment or even emotional fulfillment.

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