Something a bit lighter :)

It seems like the past several posts I have done have been a little discouraging – or maybe it’s just from my point of view 🙂   So I decided this one will be a bit lighter, and I’ll just share what I did this past weekend 🙂

Anyhow, I went to my friends house Friday morning to help them do some work, and ended up staying the whole weekend – they were very gracious to put up with me that long 😉 .  I had an awesome time!  It’s amazing how, when you are with friends, even work can be fun 🙂 

One of the things that I got to do that I’ve never done before, was help shingle a roof.  Now, I’m not scared of heights, but being at the peak of the roof was just a tad nerve wracking, but I survived.

They even let me use the nail gun a couple of times…yes, can you believe it? But I did it, and, thankfully, there are no injuries to report 🙂 

From here the roof doesn’t look that steep…from the peak, however, it’s a completely different story…trust me 🙂


5 thoughts on “Something a bit lighter :)

  1. Great pic – it’s great what God’s doing in you!, isn’t He good?!!!!! I don’t know how my name got off your email list – I think it may have had to do with something E did when she got her own email address – but I’d like to be on it again! 🙂

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