The Best Thoughts

As I was cleaning and reorganizing the living room today, I picked up a children’s story book called “Little Visits with God”, and was going to put it away but started casually flipping through it first.  I came across this following story, and, though it’s considered a ‘childrens’ story, I think we can all get a lot out of it.  I know it fits perfectly for me right now 🙂


The Best Thoughts

“I prayed to God for sunshine on my birthday, but it’s raining,” said Johnny. “Why didn’t God answer my prayer?”  His mother said, “Johnny, two boys dug up some ground one day.  One planted a garden and the other collected some worms.  That night the boy with the garden prayed for rain.  The other boy prayed for sunshine so he could go fishing.  What would you have expected God to do?”   “I don’t know,” said Johnny.

“Wouldn’t it be better for us just to tell God what we want and then to be glad that He decides what is best?  Maybe other people needed rain on your birthday.  God does not always think the way we think, and He doesn’t always do what we want, but His ways are always best,”  said his mother.

“My thoughts are not your thoughts, says the Lord.” (Isaiah 55:8)   He has much better thoughts than we.  He shows this by gladly forgiving the sins of all who ask Him for mercy.  He does this for Jesus’ sake.  We would not think that He would do this if He had not told us.  We can be glad that God does not think the way we do. 



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