This Weekend Follow-Up

I am sure some of you are quite excited to hear about how my day went with the witnessing opportunity I had mentioned earlier this week…well, plans changed, and, due to sickness, we had to cancel. Throughout the week, I was nervous about going and what I would say, etc., but last night I was getting really excited!

I knew that we were going to go to the local Farmer’s Market and witness different ways there, but I found out last night that we were also going to be witnessing to kids in the afternoon. Now that’s more my level…I LOVE working with kids! Adults…they are bit more intimidating 🙂   (I don’t know why, maybe it’s a height issue…)

I was pretty bummed when dad told me this morning that it had been cancelled…I thought, “But God, you prepared me for this. You gave me verses to encourage me…now what?” He replied “I didn’t prepare you just for this, Sara…just because this particular event was cancelled, doesn’t mean you can’t share in other ways. I just want you prepared.”

Hmm…yeah, wow. Okay…message received, loud and clear! Now just to see what exactly God has in store 🙂


2 thoughts on “This Weekend Follow-Up

  1. Hey I’m sorry that it you didn’t get to go today
    Just know you can help a friend that needs your help or someone you meet in a store 🙂

    Sorry I hope I get to see at church thow ? 🙂

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