Under Pressure…

Toothpaste……whoever would have thought I would do a blog post on toothpaste?!  But, I’m doing it 🙂

Now I don’t know about you, but when I squeeze a tube of toothpaste, I expect toothpaste to come out…and it has never failed me…yet.  But have you ever thought of how you could actually use this for an analogy of your life?

Think about it…when you look at a tube of toothpaste, it usually looks pretty good…but it isn’t until you squeeze the tube (apply pressure) that you see what’s really inside.

It’s the same way with us…we may look (and act) good on the outside, but what comes out when pressure’s applied…when God sends a trial your way or when others don’t treat you right?  Is your response Christ-like and loving, or is it something completely different than what ‘the package’ shows?

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5 thoughts on “Under Pressure…

  1. Excellent!!! I only thank God that He is forgiving, & sees us covered in His blood when we do mess up. Hopefully we are pressing forward in our walk with Him so that when each trial comes, we are a little bit more like Him in our responses to life’s trials. There is a saying going around that relates to the toothpaste topic that says something like, “You know what a servant is really like when he is treated like one.” (Or, “you know what’s really in the toothpaste tube when you squeeze it.”) We as Christians must make sure we don’t use this cliche as an excuse to cover up our mistreatment of others. And of course, if we are on the receiving end (the toothpaste tube), we must seek God’s help to respond with Christlikeness when a brother squeezes us – “Lord, help me to love even though it’s hard.” If we are Christians, we must also remember that if the Bible teaches masters to treat their Christian servants as brothers, & Jesus Himself tells us we are “no longer servants but friends,” how much more are we to treat fellow Christians as brothers and not as servants? May we all become more Christlike as we seek more of Him.

  2. At my church while in youth group a few years ago, I’m now in college group, our pastor gave us an analogy of toothpaste as well. but he gave in the context of we are like a tube of toothpaste and we need to be careful of what we say because once our words come out, they are hard to get back in much like squeezing a tube of toothepaste and once it comes out you can’t put it back in.

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