God has blessed me in so many ways!  Sunday night, while at local tent revival meetings, I ran into one of my team leaders (Beautiful Becky) from Journey to the Heart last June.  We hadn’t seen each other in over a year and it was SO good to see her again!   She has been a shoulder to cry on, an encourager, a great listener, and a huge blessing to me since the first day I met her 🙂

Then yesterday morning, the house was in desperate need of some cleaning, and my friend Tiana, whom had spent the night at our place, was a great help!  She swept the whole downstairs…which, to be perfectly honest, is my least favorite job!  That was such a huge blessing to me!  Thank You Tiana!!

Thank you God for the wonderful friends you have given me!!!!


5 thoughts on “Blessings….

  1. Hey so that why you didn’t me to see the
    Pictures when ask about emailing a photo
    To you self ? 🙂 ❤ very I was also blessed
    This weekend as well with spending the weekend at my second home in MI
    🙂 tiana God Bless you whole family 🙂

  2. I wish I’d gotten to know “Beautiful Becky” more than I did on my Journey! She was part of the kitchen crew when I went. Her smile was always a blessing to me though!!!

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