In acceptance…

In acceptance lieth peace, O my heart be still;
Let thy restless worries cease and accept His will.
Though this test be not thy choice, it is His – therefore rejoice.
In His plan there cannot be aught to make thee sad:
If this is His choice for thee, take it and be glad.
Make from it some lovely thing to the glory of thy King.
Cease from sighs and murmuring, sing His loving grace,
This thing means thy furthering to a wealthy place.
From thy fears He’ll give release, in acceptance lieth peace.
~ copied from “Mountains of Spices” by Hannah Hurnard ~

2 thoughts on “In acceptance…

  1. This reminds me of some of the things that I learned and took notes on at the Living Free conference! Kathryn Kempson said something that really caught my attention, I took notes on it both times… “Peace is the removal of the derangement in life that’s caused by sin.” My prayer is that we’ll both be able to rest in HIS peace!

    Mrs. Speed spoke on what it means to be yielded and surrendered, which she explained as choosing to be humble: one of the toughest things for me to do. She gave us this acronym for ACT:

    Accept the things you cannot change,
    Choose gratefulness,
    Trust God with the results.

    This is way easier said than done! Judy Pittman topped off the February conference and ended with this passionate statement: “Hang on to Jesus with both hands!” I love you Sara!

    • What an awesome acronymn!! I’m gonna write that one down…thank you for sharing it with me 🙂 I also love Judy’s statement…because, in order to hold onto Jesus with both hands, we have to let go of everything else!!

      Love you too Elizabeth!! You are a great ‘sister’ to me 🙂

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