Am I Learning?

God’s teaching me, but am I learning?

This is a question that I first asked myself about 2 weeks ago.  I’ve said quite often that God has taught me a lot this year…but I had to ask myself…what have I learned?  You can go to a school and have someone teach you, but unless you actually learn it, the teaching is no good.

Have I learned anything from ‘school’ this year, or have I just been ‘attending classes’?   And, like in school, after you are taught something, you are tested on it…and here lately God’s been giving me my tests.  I don’t know what my ‘grades’ are going to be, but hey….unlike school – I have access to the answer key!! (God’s Word)….I can look up the answers whenever I want…but just looking them up doesn’t do me any good…I have to use them…apply the answers to each step of the tests.

I am not really looking forward to the next month or so, since I know God is going to keep testing me, but if I take one day at a time and not worry about the ‘tomorrows’, I’ll get through….and I’ll see just what all I learned.

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