God’s Greater Yes :)

After I wrote my blog post about our newest blessing, the Cherry Bomb, I realized that, not only did God answer our prayer for a vehicle, but He also showed me His greater Yes 🙂

You see, I had been hoping and praying that mom and dad would be able to go to the couples WIT conference this year, but due to dad having to work, they weren’t able to go.  I was disappointed, but knew that God must have a better plan…a greater yes.

Had mom and dad gone to WIT, mom would not have been driving Ryan to work Saturday morning when she saw the van, and I doubt the van would still have been there, by the time they got back from WIT.

So God said ‘no’ to what I wanted and thought was best (mom and dad going to WIT), so that He could show me (all of us really) that He really did have a better plan…a greater yes (provision of a vehicle!).  And I am so glad He did!


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