Prayer for Journey….

Dear Friends, family, and fellow bloggers,

As I prepare to leave for Journey to the Heart this weekend, I’d like to ask if you could be praying for me.  There are 3 things mainly:

1.  That we would have safety traveling

2.  That my WHOLE heart and mind would be on God, and that I would use this time to FULLY seek Him.

3.  And this one may sound a little weird, but my right shoulder (below my shoulder blade actually), has been hurting and it’s quite uncomfortable.   It started hurting Friday night…the same night I made the decision to go on Journey.   The only one other time that it’s bothered me like this was at the WIT conference back in July.

I am really looking forward to going…to have one on one time with God, free from distractions and (I say this quite happily!) housework  🙂

Speaking of which, I have a list of things I want to get done before I leave…and it’s sitting on the table next to me, calling my name.  I’m half-tempted to just throw it in the woodstove…


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