My Journey from Within pt. 3

Lisa’s testimony continues…….


I always wanted more children, but wasn’t able to try till I got off of some of my depression meds, so I had a 9 year wait where God continued to work on our lives.  In the mean time, Steve became Immersed and gave his life to Jesus, I became very involved in church, teaching youth group, directing VBS, doing doing doing, which wasn’t all bad but…. Well let’s wait and see how good can be over shadowed or can become deceitful once again…. 

In 2000 Faith came along after much wait.  She was supposed to be named Alivia or Alizabeth after all I had 9 years to come up with a name.  But in the learning process her name had to become Faith.  It came to me one night how my faith was a representation of what it took for me to have another baby, the pregnancy was long and held many hospital stays because of very high blood pressure and being labeled as a high risk pregnancy. 

I was tested for everything from A to Z but they couldn’t find anything wrong with this one.  I spent the last 2 1/2 months on bed rest and finally the last 3 weeks in the Toledo Hospital.  But all worth the ride as we came home with Faith Diane, again the representation of my total trust in my God.  Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” 

The next several years were spent at being a stay at home mom to our new baby and our pre-teen, complicated by the cloud of having a disability, she never fit in with the “normal” kids, or with the kids “labeled with a disability.”  In spite of it all life was pretty good, we took a big step and moved in with my mom and dad and totally redid our home, it took three months.  In the mean time I hadn’t been feeling very good and my family Dr. changed my depression meds, hoping it might help, which totally messed them up and it threw me into my second depression in 2003.  

Depression meds take a little bit of time to come out of the body but a long time to get back into the body.  This is when I spent about a week in Wauseon on the 5th floor as an intensive outpatient in the stress center.  This is where I learned that I really wasn’t crazy at all.  A learning experience…..depressed but definitely not crazy.  I had a dr. that was, let’s see how do I put it, incompetent, to say the least, but she held all of the control as the inpatient dr. (which was responsible for the intensive outpatients) so till I could get into the outpatient psychiatrist I had to deal with her. 

We had words and she refused to see me, even after all of the counselors went on my behalf to her.  Well, once again God showed me that He was bigger than the situation, I was going down the elevator and when the door opened and guess who He delivered to me? 🙂 I got my meeting with her; at this point she had no choice.   After intense outpatient I was discharged, got my meds straightened out with my new psychiatrist and set out to put my days back together, with much support from my God, my family and my friends.




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